Unit 1: The computer Mouse and Keyboard.

For true beginners. Play a computer game to learn use of the mouse. Fill out a form and write a simple letter using the keyboard.
2 hours.
Fee: $ 12. Includes course material.

Unit 2: The Internet.

Ways of accessing the Internet, low cost access, Windows, browsers, web pages, surfing the Web, search engines, setting up and using a free email account. 9 hours.
Fee: $40. Includes course material.

Unit 3: Managing Computer Information.

Fills in voids for self-taught computer users. The operative sentence for this unit is ---

"information on a computer is stored on drives in the form of files which are organized with folders using a program called Windows Explorer".

Each element of this sentence is studied in detail which leads to a better understanding of how a computer works, the role of zero's and one's (0,1), code tables, file types, file formats, file management and more. 11hours.
Fee: $50. Book included.

Unit 3B: Applied File Management.

All hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts of Unit 3. 3 hours.
Fee: $20. Includes course material.

Unit 4: Word Processing.

Covers the word processors, NotePad, WordPad, and MS Word. Aimed for the home user, it covers standard letter and report writing and the construction of announcements and newsletters.11 hours.
Fee: $ 40. Includes course material.

Unit 5: Computer Graphics.

This Unit deals with the production, editing, printing, display, organization and storage of digital pictures. 9 hours.
Fee: $50. Book included.

Unit 6: Web Constructionn.

HTML, Multimedia Web pages, Elementary Tags, Free resource on the Web, Tables, Intro to Advanced Building Blocks, FTP. 10 hours. Suitable for teens.
Fee: $50. Book included.

Unit 8: Web Design.

Produce web pages similar to Comped's using understandable HTML coding. No authoring software/editors. More on tables, mouseover events,javascript inserts: last modified, today, scrolling message,password protected pages --- try it click here, Graphics in motion: marquee, meta http-equiv=refresh, Merlake applet, gif animation , Mailto:, lists, image maps, hypergraphics, bgproperty=fixed, forms, voice message,locking in fonts and more
Prerequisite: Unit 6.
Fee: $30. Instructional material: Continue using book from Unit 6.

Unit 11: Selling on eBay.

Hans, who has been activly selling on eBay for over 5 years, will show you how to participate as a seller in this global market place. If you decide to become a seller, you will receive step by step help to get you started.
4 hours. Fee: $20

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